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Automated Doors Offer Convenience for Apartment Buildings

When searching for a space to call home, residents often look for comfort, safety, security, and added convenience. Automatic doorways are one way to enhance the convenience and improve the overall mobility of your space. Here are our top three ways automated doors can help provide added benefits and convenience in your multi-family living space.

1. Keeping Residents Safe

Safety is not a one size fits all. For apartment complexes, safety hazards often differ among residents. For older residents, it’s important to consider all potential places where they could risk injury or harm, such as doorways. One major source of injury among senior citizens is falling. In fact, falls account for nearly 40% of all nursing home admissions and 25% of all hospital admissions of seniors. Installing automatic doorways throughout your apartment complex can keep residents safe and free from the risk of falling.

2. Reliable Level of Security

Monitoring who comes in and out of multi-family living spaces is important for keeping residents safe and secure. Automated doors are a reliable security solution that can ensure that residents remain safe from any unauthorized guests. For added convenience, wireless door transmitters can be added to any automated door to allow any employees to grant entry access with a press of a button from across the room.

3. Extensive Level of Convenience

Opening and closing doors is nearly impossible for some. For those who may be carrying a child or groceries, use a wheelchair, or are elderly, automatic doors can provide an immense level of convenience. Automated doors are highly preferred in multi-family living facilities as pushing and pulling doors is taken, quite literally, off residents’ hands.

Our automated, ADA-Compliant doors are the perfect solution for keeping apartment residents safe, comfortable, and secure. Our highly-trained professionals at Assured Security are available to install, maintain, and replace automated doorways. Contact us to receive your free quote.