Commercial access control products

One of the most critical components of commercial security is controlling who enters your commercial space. Commercial access control helps protect customers, tenants, employees, properties, and businesses from theft and unauthorized visitors. Manage and control access through a variety of ways, such as a keypad, fob, smartphone, or intercom system.

Commercial access Control options

  • Reader Demonstrating Card

    Keyless access

  • Intercom Manager Mobile Phone 2

    Visitor Access Systems

  • Intercom Manager Pharmacy


Convenient Access Control Solutions

Assured Security's access control systems provide safer and smarter building access. Monitor visitor access using the audit trail included with each system. Contact our team to learn how you can monitor your audit trail from anywhere.

Lock & Unlock Doors Wherever You are

You don’t need to be physically present to let an authorized employee or visitor inside your business premises. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can unlock and lock doors from any location.

Revoke Employee Access

If your employees quit or leave the company, you can easily deactivate their keycard to keep your business premises secure.

Create Automatic Locking Rules

Set up policies for your security system. Easily set up schedules to automatically lock/unlock your doors during business hours. With this feature, the doors on your commercial property automatically unlock and lock at specific times.

Finding the right form of commercial access control for your business can be hard to determine on your own. At Assured Security, we work with each of our customers to find what security solutions work best for their specific business and security needs.

For more information on our variety of control systems, contact our team of professionals. At Assured Security, you can rest assured that your commercial security solutions are covered.