Maximize Safety With High-Security Lock Installation Services

Take your traditional lock and key to the next level with high-security locks. These sturdy locks are immune to lock picking and bumping, making them as theft-proof as possible. At Assured Security, we strive to provide our customers with the most effective lock and key systems, which is why we offer installation services for high-security locks.


Minimize Key Duplications

There’s no need to worry about standard key duplications when you rely on a high-security lock and key system with Assured Security. We hold the only key blanks to copy high-security keys when requested by an authorized person, preventing keys from being copied.

Pick and Bump Resistant

The distinct design of high-security locks make it nearly impossible to pick or bump. Installing high-security locks on your property can save you from experiencing theft and costly repairs.

Maximize Security

High-security locks are made using advanced technology making it increasingly difficult for break-ins to happen. With the installation of UL437 Listed high-security locks, you can rest assured your property and belongings are safe and secure.


high security lock set

Assured Security is a proud member of the ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Centers. This elite group includes members chosen for their professional business practices, experience, and desire to lead in educating customers about security risks and solutions. At an ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Center, you will find knowledgeable, highly trained technicians who provide reliable security advice, premier service, and genuine expertise.

Experienced. Trained. Qualified.

ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Center partners undergo extensive training to learn the proper use for different types of locking hardware available and correct installation methods. Customers are guaranteed an extremely qualified team of professionals who can share their expertise and improve the safety and security of our customers.

Medeco High-Security Locks—The Best in the Business

One of the best ways to control unauthorized distribution of keys is by installing Medeco high-security locks. The patented protected locking system guarantees that no other manufacturers can produce Medeco's blanks. The double-locking principles built into their design assures you the best protection against being picked or bumped. Keys can only be duplicated by Assured Security, adding yet another reliable layer of security for your building or property.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experts about installing high-security locks on your property.