ADA Compliant DOORS


In order to maximize the safety of your building, you should be aware of every step you can take to adhere to various measures and requirements. At Assured Security, we can help make your facility ADA compliant with our installation services for handicap accessible doors. ADA compliant doors can ensure you are operating with every visitor’s preference and needs in mind, which can enhance their experience when visiting. For installation services for ADA compliant doors, contact Assured Security today. Our team of security professionals can help you keep your doors operating with efficiency.

Benefits of Installing ADA Compliant Doors in Your Business

Ensuring your facility meets the necessary laws and needs of your visitors and employees is critical to your success and their comfort. Because of this, you should take the time to make sure you have ADA compliant doors in your building. There are several benefits to putting ADA compliance doors in your facility.

  • Adhere to ADA Requirements | The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sets requirements for doors to ensure they are useful for visitors and employees with disabilities. The ADA provides clear measurements that indicate acceptable widths and heights for wheelchairs, canes, and other devices. At Assured Security, we can help you make sure your commercial doors adhere to these various measurements and requirements. Our experienced team of experts is capable of efficiently installing ADA compliant doors in businesses and commercial buildings.
  • Promote Easy Use | Assured Security can help you install automatic door openers, automatic door operators and other ADA compliant door features to give your visitors and employees a simple and easy maneuver when entering and exiting your building. Along with the proper measurements, ADA compliant features can help visitors and employees with wheelchairs have an easier experience getting where they need to be.
  • Simple Installation | Don’t hesitate to make your commercial doors ADA compliant because you’re concerned the installation process will be too difficult. In many cases automatic door operators and door openers can retrofit to your existing doors. At Assured Security, our team can skillfully install ADA compliant doors and features. Our professionals are efficient and prompt, and we can help you get the ADA compliant features you need.
  • Enhance Visitor Satisfaction | ADA compliant features provide your visitors and employees with convenience and simplicity. When adding an automatic opening feature or ADA door opening button, you are giving your visitors and employees more options to enter and exit your building. Whether they are in a wheelchair or their hands are full of other objects or bags, ADA compliant features can make each visitor feel welcome.
  • Increase Safety | Heavy, standard manual doors can increase the likeliness of an injury. Save your visitors and employees from pinched fingers and injured limbs by installing ADA compliant doors in your facility. Our team of security professionals can help you properly install any ADA compliant features or additions to your commercial doors.

At Assured Security, we strive to help our customers enhance their facilities through our commercial door services. Because our experienced security professionals know how to establish ADA requirements, Assured Security can help you achieve a comfortable and user-friendly environment for all employees and visitors to your building. To work with an experienced commercial door company, contact Assured Security today.

Some brands we carry include ADA EZ, BEA, Benchmark, Besam, Condor Swing, Ditec, Dorma, Dor-O-Matic, ENTREMATIC, Falcon, Gyro Tech, Horton, K & M, Keane-Monroe, Larco, LCN, Linear, Magic Swing, Mid Swing, Motion Access, Multi-Code, Nabco, Norton, MS Sedco, Optex, Record, Senior Swing, Stanley, and Tormax.

Contact Assured Security For Your ADA Compliant Door Needs

From door replacement to feature additions, at Assured Security, we are here to assist you with your ADA compliant door requirements. Our team of security professionals is familiar with ADA requirements and can help you achieve those requirements through our ADA compliant door services. Whether you’re in need of a wider frame or an automatic door opening button, Assured Security has the tools and expertise necessary to complete any project. To start off with a consultation, contact Assured Security today. Customer satisfaction drives us here at Assured Security and because of that, we strive to provide excellent communication to ensure you have all your questions answered.

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