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Slow the Spread of Influenza Throughout your Business

As we enter flu season, commercial spaces need to consider best practices to keep guests and employees safe. Contactless pick-up, mandatory use of masks, and encouraging sick employees to stay home are among the most common ways businesses are working to slow the spread of influenza. But what are they doing about one of the most frequently touched surfaces?

Door handles are hotspots for germs

Viruses, like the flu, can survive on these surfaces for up to 48 hours meaning they can spread without even having direct contact with someone who has the flu. The solution? Hands-free door products. Automatic doors and low-touch door handles can help slow the spread of germs by limiting the amount of hand-to-door contact.

Wave-to-Open Sensors

Reduce the physical touch of door handles by installing wave-to-open switches throughout your office. The precision sensor allows doors to open only when motion is detected within four inches of the switch. Doors will remain open up to 30 seconds to allow guests to come in and out comfortably without transferring germs.

Arm Pulls and Hip Pushes

Think everyone around you is washing their hands? Think again. Only 58% of US adults say they wash their hands after going to the restroom every time. Limit the spread of germs from unwashed hands by using your hip, toe, or elbow to open and close doors. These products can be installed on nearly any door and require no electricity.

Reduce the touchpoints to slow the spread of influenza throughout your facility. Our security professionals at Assured Security can help you choose the right combination of hands-free door solutions for your business. For an extensive list of our touchless and low-touch products, visit our hands-free doors page.