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Going Hands-Free Throughout the Office

Times are changing, and spaces are adapting. Many are modifying their spaces by frequently and thoroughly sanitizing surfaces to ensure staff and visitors remain safe. One convenient solution to decrease the number of germs spread throughout a space is to go completely hands-free with your door accessibility. Here are three hands-free office solutions you can implement in your space.

1. Touchless Activation Sensors

Motion-activated sensors offer an entirely hands-free way to maneuver through entryways throughout a facility. As opposed to traditional push-to-open buttons, wave sensors add a greater sense of convenience. Wave sensors allow doors to self-open and close based off motion alone. These sensors work best for commonly used doorways, such as bathroom doors, break room doors, and main entryways.

2. Access Control

Wireless transmitters allow employees to grant doorway access without even having to leave their desk. These transmitters work similarly to a garage door opener by controlling a door’s movement with the click of a button. Using a wireless transmitter enables guests to enter and exit doors of a facility hands-free. These products are most beneficial for spaces where a front-desk is utilized for incoming and outgoing visitors. Access control is a well-suited addition to any of our automatic door systems.

3. Hands-Free Door Props

Hands-Free door openers allow doors to be opened using feet, arms, and hips. Hands often harbor many germs that can easily transfer from space to space. Going hands-free eliminates the amount of germs that get passed from hand to door handle. Not only do these products decrease the number of germs, they also include the added convenience for times when hands are full or unable to be utilized. These products are a cost-effective and customizable solution to fit your budget and your space.

Offer a safe and convenient for your visitors and staff by implementing hands-free office solutions in your space. Our security professionals work alongside you to find the best solution for your space. Take the first step towards going hands-free by requesting a quote today.