SMART KEY Solutions


Intelligent key systems make auditing and scheduling key usage a breeze. Implement powerful security protocols and access control without having to replace your existing door hardware.



Intelligent key systems provide detailed access information to help track who and what goes in and out of your space.


These systems allow you to easily control and change your access schedule as needed, both manually or automatically.

Use Your Existing Hardware

Our team replaces the existing mechanical cylinder with a Medeco cylinder, eliminating the need to run wires throughout your entire space.

HELP YOU Track Important Data

Our systems make it easy to keep tabs on employees, deliveries, and keep a detailed record of entries for a board of directors.

SYSTEMS Provide Physical Security

These systems are built-to-last, with the ability to withstand harsh weather, break-in attempts, and years of use.

Reduce Overall Risk

Intelligent keys help reduce the risk of lost or stolen keys, streamline employee changes, and prevent any unauthorized guests.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Many of these systems can be programmed to work remotely with Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

Contact the security professionals at Assured Security today to learn more or request a quote for installing an intelligent key system in your commercial space.