Managing all the doors on your commercial property can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to keeping track of the maintenance on each and every one.  Door tagging is a great way to manage the maintenance on multiple commercial doors while making door service requests a breeze. We created this free system to help keep maintenance costs down while making the management of your property easier.

How Does Door Tagging work?

A unique QR code is placed discreetly on each door that you want tracked on your property. These QR codes are stickers that can be easily scanned with your mobile phone which allows you to conveniently submit a service request. Once the QR code is placed (typically on the hinged edge of the door), that unique QR code tracks all aspects of that door - including service history. These codes track door information such as door material, lock type, master key information, door hardware, and even the exit devices and door closers that can be installed on your commercial doors!

Door tagging is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. We adhere a small label with a QR code and a unique identifying code to the discreet hinged area of your doors.
  2. You scan the QR code with your phone, which will bring you to our website where you can submit a service request form when the door is in need of servicing.
  3. Our service tech arrives with the door service history and hardware in hand ready to complete your service (eliminating extra service trips!).

Benefits of Door Tagging

Easy for you to quickly submit maintenance requests.

We can order parts sooner, resulting in quicker problem resolution

Security professionals know the door location so your staff doesn't have to be present for door servicing. 

By seeing repair history we can diagnose long-term problems and find a cost-effective solution. 

Security professionals come prepared meaning fewer visits and trip charges along with faster service. 

Make commercial door maintenance a breeze. Call us today to set up our door tagging system on your property.