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Why Automatic Door Operators Are Good For Business

Automatic door operators were originally designed and installed to ensure building owners were following the Americans with Disabilities Act. The requirements and standards for accessible design mainly cover high traffic entrances and exits. However, as more people are moving back to office buildings after the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for low or no touch doors is on the rise. Assured Security provides automatic door solutions to align with new health and safety expectations from employees, tenants, and customers.

98.9% of customers prefer automatic doors over manual doors. – American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

Convenient, Easy Access For All

Most public buildings have a push button to automatically open an entry door. Our expert installers can convert this highly touched button to a no-touch wave switch. Moving inside, we can use wireless technology to install operators virtually anywhere. From bathrooms and break rooms to conference rooms and stair access, now you can open doors hands-free safely and efficiently. We can even retrofit your wood, aluminum, or metal swinging door!

Key Benefits of Automatic Door Operators

Beyond convenience and safety, automatic door operators are good for your business:

  • Boost visitor and employee satisfaction with an ADA-compliant door that provides better access for everyone, including people with physical limitations.
  • Minimize germ transmission with motion/wave switches and activation buttons that reduce the number of touches to the door.
  • Reduce accidents with a hands-free option when hands are filled with boxes or packages.
  • Save money by reducing door damage and maintenance since easier to use with a two-wheeler, cart, or stroller.
  • Restrict access to buildings, floors, and rooms by having an employee activate the automatic door operator to open the door while using a wireless transmitter or push button.

Assured Security has a variety of door solutions for your business. Contact our team of experts to learn more about the right automatic operator for your unique needs.