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Do You Have To Replace Your Door?

Commercial door problems can be difficult to diagnose but are necessary to fix. Considering a door’s importance (and sheer size) it’s common to think that door replacement is the only option when something is wrong with it. Contrary to popular belief, even if you are having door problems, you can find a cost-effective solution while not even having to replace your entire door.

If you find yourself debating if it is time to repair or replace your door you may find yourself asking the following questions to your colleagues, employees, or maybe even Google it is time to call a door expert.

Why is my door so difficult to open and close?

Your door frame could be swollen or warped making it difficult or nearly impossible to completely close your door as it no longer fits in the frame. There are ways to adjust your door frame but if this is a common ongoing problem, it is time to connect with a door professional. Sometimes the fix is just replacing the door frame.

How can I stop the mice and bugs from getting inside?

If your door is an exterior door and you live in a cold climate like Minnesota, critters will try to come inside to stay warm. A metal door frame can be a better fit for exterior doors to help prevent more critters from entering through your deteriorated wood door frame.

Why is there a draft coming from my door?

When your business or multifamily living units won’t stay warm or cold it can be easy to blame the windows for letting in a draft. Doors are another source that can let a draft in your business if they do not fit in their door frames anymore. Some doors may have weather stripping that simply needs replacement. Or they may need a more intensive fix – either way when you work with a door professional you can find the right fix for your drafty door.

How do I improve my rusty door’s appearance?

Any metal exposed to the elements can begin to rust. If you are seeing rust on your door or door frame it may compromise the integrity of the structure leading to the inability to protect your property. However, rust doesn’t have to mean you need a full door replacement! If just the bottom of your door frame is rusty, sometimes an expert can replace door jambs to help protect your property and save money in the long run.

What can I do to improve my door security?

Doors and door hardware have improved from wood to metal to provide enhanced security for your business, especially for exterior doors. A few additional ways you can increase your property’s security range from installing a steel-reinforced door or improving your door hardware (such as exit devices, automatic door closers, locks, or electronic services). These repairs can seem daunting, but when working with the right door expert who can provide all these services, your commercial building will be more secure in the future.

I have a door problem – now where do I go?

When any of these door problems arise, the first step is to call a professional door team. After the professionals inspect your door issue, the experts at Assured Security will determine the best long-term solution for your business.