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Door handles are one of the most common touchpoints in any facility, making convenience and cleanliness an ongoing challenge. The solution? Assured Security’s hands-free line of security products. Our automated and low-touch door products allow your building’s occupants to stay safe and secure while taking the hassle of door handles off their hands.

  • Our hands-free door solutions meet ADA compliance requirements, allowing all guests to maneuver worry-free throughout your space.
  • We offer a range of mechanical and electronic solutions that make opening doors a breeze as well as encourage a cleaner facility.
  • Our security experts at Assured Security can help choose the right door solution for your facility based on your budget and needs.

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Hands-Free Door Products

Touchless Electronic Mechanisms

We offer several options for completely touch-free door openers. Electronic door openers are an ideal solution for facilities with a high amount of foot traffic and deliveries. With automatic door operators, wireless door transmitters, and wave sensors, entering and exiting is simple for anyone with full hands or a mobility issue.

We offer the following electronic mechanisms:

Automated Door Operators

  • Motion-activated sensors and ADA push buttons offer completely hands-free entry and departure from a room or facility.
  • Automatic door operators are completely self-closing.
  • Work best in building entrances, break rooms, conference rooms, and restrooms.
  • Push button entry can be easily converted to a wave sensor for added convenience.

Wave Sensors

Wave Sensors
  • Activated with a simple wave of the hand.
  • Able to run on battery for spaces where electricity is not available.
  • ADA-compliant solution.

Wireless Door Transmitters

Wireless Door Transmitters
  • Able to grant entry access from across the room with a wireless door transmitter.
  • Employees can activate wireless door access with a touch of a button.
  • This convenient solution is well-suited for any automatic door operator.

Hands-Free Door Openers

Our hands-free door openers make opening doors for customers, employees, and delivery drivers simple. Low-touch pushes and pulls allow individuals to pass through doorways without having to use their hands. These cost-effective solutions are easily installed to match your existing hardware to help you maintain a cleaner, more attractive facility.

We offer the following hands-free door openers:

Arm and Toe Pull

Arm and Toe Pull
  • Convenient way to open doors by using an elbow, forearm, or toe.
  • These products require no electricity.

Hip Push

Hip Push
  • Allows individuals to easily exit a doorway using their hip, arm, or back.
  • This hands-free solution is both ADA-approved and fire code compliant.

Panic Bar

Panic Bar
  • Allows individuals to quickly open a door with a push of the hips, back, or elbow.
  • Especially suited to corridors, entrances, community rooms, and restrooms.

Touchless Door Props

Touchless Door Props

For a more budget-minded hands-free door option, door props allow you to keep your doors open, allowing employees and visitors to easily pass through doorways. Touchless door props can also help to limit the wear and tear on your doors during peak business hours.

We offer the following touchless door props:

  • Mechanical door open arms
  • Doorstops
  • Kick-downs
  • Electromagnetic door holders

Antimicrobial Door Handles

Antimicrobial Door Handles

In addition to surface-born bacteria and viruses, door handles can also harbor algae, mold, fungi, and other microbes. We offer door handles with FDA and EPA-approved antimicrobial coating or copper alloy which may help to reduce the spread of these microbes. The anti-microbial hardware has not been tested for COVID-19.

Your Source for Twin Cities Hands-Free Door Options

At Assured Security, our security professionals can help you choose the right combination of hands-free door solutions for your business or organization. From retrofitting solutions to replacement door hardware, hands-free door solutions help to reduce touchpoints and maintain a healthier facility. To discuss touchless or low-touch door options for your business, speak to a member of our team at 952.881.0896 or contact us online today.

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