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Protecting Your Business With Intercom Security

Do you see a variety of people come through your doors? Do you lack the staff to monitor the front door? Do you have a secured facility and must register every visitor? Do you limit building access for medical reasons? Clients, employees, maintenance crews, and delivery drivers… it is a time-consuming task to let people in. Not only do you have to physically be there, but you also must confirm their identity. If this is a common occurrence, a business security intercom, could be a great fit.

This intercom system can work with an automatic door operator to automatically open the door, or it can simply unlock the door. Employees see and hear visitors to determine if that individual can access the business. Using this system allows you to verify who enters your building throughout the day.

Three Benefits of an Intercom Security System

  1. Increased Control

Your employees can talk to and view the visitors before granting access to your building.

2. Convenience

The door is unlocked remotely so employees don’t need to physically be at the entrance.

3. Enhanced Safety

Create a safer building by preventing entry to anyone who can be a potential threat.

By utilizing this type of system, you can create peace of mind for everyone and improve efficiency. As a business, you will see a variety of people at your doors, make sure those people are who you want inside your building. Be sure to call the professionals at Assured Security to see how an intercom system or customized security option can benefit your business.