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Manage Tenant Access to Common Areas with Ease

For property managers of multi-family facilities, the need to be in multiple places at once is inevitable when it comes to providing access to both the inside and outside of your buildings. Keyless access control is a cloud-based system managed from anywhere at any time. Your multi-family dwelling likely has multiple interior common rooms – such as a party room, pool, or fitness center – along with several exterior doors. A keyless access control system will allow you to keep the building secure and offer access to the amenities for your tenants. You can even manage tenant access from your mobile phone when you’re not on the property.

Six Benefits of Access Control Systems

  1. Increased Efficiency

Set permissions based on the role (tenant, management, vendor) and automatically track when doors open and by whom.

2. Time Savings

 Lock/unlock doors, establish an automated schedule, update user settings, and view entry records at any time.

3. Save Money

Only one person is needed to administer multiple buildings. A lost fob or card can be disabled and easily replaced. Reduce the cost of replacing physical access devices if tenants use a mobile app instead.

4. Choice of Configurations

Choose to use keys, fobs, key cards, or mobile app to open doors to find a fit that is best for your budget and tenants.

5. Innovative Sales Opportunities

Provide limited viewing windows for prospective tenants to view your property while you’re away. It’s the new age of apartment or condo showings!

6. Tenant Peace of Mind

Today’s tenants expect this level of automated security.

As you consider systems to provide access for tenants in your apartment building, condominiums, or community-living development from a distance, you want to choose the best option to provide peace of mind that your tenants and property are secure. Contact our team of experts to get a quote today.