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Commercial Door Management Made Easy

Do you find yourself wondering how to keep track of the service/maintenance needs on all the doors on your commercial property? When you have many doors to manage in places like multi-family living facilities, large manufacturing facilities, office buildings, hospitals, and even schools – you want a convenient way to submit door service requests when the need arises.

At Assured Security we use door management software to help manage your commercial doors with door tagging, also known as door surveying. The door management process involves adhering a unique QR code on the hinge edge of the door when work is completed on a door. Each code tracks all aspects of each specific door such as door material, lock type, additional door hardware such as exit device and door closer, and even master key information. You can keep your servicing costs down by scanning the QR code and quickly submitting a service request.

Here are the reasons why we use a commercial door management system.

Easy Commercial Door Maintenance

  • Simply communicate which door on your property needs maintenance as each door has its own unique identification.
  • Quickly submit maintenance requests and photos, via the Assured Security website, to address the door issues.

Organized Door Servicing Information

  • We keep a complete history of what has been done on the door and continuously update each door’s records with new information.
  • Our security professionals see what problems are getting fixed repeatedly. This helps to determine whether to repair or if it’s time to replace something. They’ll work with you to find the best solution – saving your property money in the long run.

Save Money on Service Hours

  • Our security professionals come to the job prepared, meaning fewer visits and trip charges and faster service.
  • Your staff does not need to be present to service your door; we have all the needed information.

This free system was created to make managing your property easier, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about commercial door problems. So when you see one of these QR codes please don’t remove it or paint over it. When service questions come up, just scan your unique door QR code to be connected to our commercial security experts and communicate quickly about the best door solutions for you.

Ask us about easy door management.