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Convenient Guest Entry for Your Multi-Family Community

Building access control systems that use convenient audio and/or video guest entry allow tenants in apartment complexes or other secured multi-family buildings to interact with their guests before unlocking a building entrance.

You can improve your building security by replacing or adding a modern, convenient guest entry system. Some systems provide an app-based platform – allowing you to manage everything from your cell phone. Audio/video guest entry systems can grant more control and convenience to your residents, along with several other benefits.

Five Benefits of a Multi-Guest Entry System

  1. Convenience

Tenants can easily verify guests and deliveries and then allow access without the need for management to receive orders or physically walk to open the door.

2. Increased Control

Tenants can provide unique PINs for regular guests or a one-time code for a delivery. For management, it’s easy to change tenants, review entry logs, and integrate with popular property management software. For tenants without a mobile phone, this system allows those tenants to utilize their landline.

3. Enhanced Safety

Giving tenants easy access to unlock the doors when needed will avoid propping doors open for convenience. This creates a safer building for all.

4. Attractiveness

Intercoms today come with small, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing designs that will place you in the next tier of community living. Providing the feel of a “smart building,” which many tenants find appealing.

5. Easy Retrofit

If you have an older guest entry system that needs repair, this system is an easy-to-install alternative.

Each multi-family property has unique needs. With that comes the need for a customized door lock system to manage tenant access. Assured Security offers a variety of door security solutions for you. Contact our team of experts to learn more about the right options for you.