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Wireless Access Control Systems for Multi-Family Properties

Why It Is The Right Choice For You!

In today’s digital and cloud-centric world, efficient and effective property management relies significantly on advancements in technology to ensure security. One innovation in access control is Wireless Access Control Systems.

Often referred to as key fob locks or apartment smart locks, these devices provide a cost-effective solution for multi-family properties.

Wireless access control systems also improve the safety and convenience of multi-family units and senior living communities.

Understanding Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless access control is an access control solution that combines smart locks with cloud-based software. These smart locks can be easily installed on your unit doors and common doors in any location.

Each door can use the same credentials already being used for your wired access control system on your exterior doors.

This creates a centralized system to manage the accessibility of a property, enhancing security, and simplifying operations for property managers, building owners, and operations managers.

Features of Apartment Smart Locks

  • Leading manufacturers that we use in our wireless access control systems such as SALTO Homelok, Schlage EngageTM, and Yale AccentraTM can be applied to various locations within a multi-family property, even when a door cannot be directly wired or when it is cost prohibitive to wire each door.
  • Types of doors that can be managed with a wireless access control system:
    • Individual unit doors in multi-family buildings
    • Exit & entry points, amenity rooms, gyms, laundry rooms, bike storage, package & mail rooms, and community rooms
    • Any location where the owner aims to reduce the cost of access control installation can also be secured using a wireless access control system
  • Property managers can leverage a multitude of features from these systems. They can activate and deactivate access to doors immediately, grant one-time access, and schedule doors to be open and closed at specific hours.
  • The management interface is accessible via an app on a mobile device or a web browser on a desktop, allowing remote control and management 24/7.
  • On the residents’ end, access can be granted through a card, fob, or a dedicated application on their mobile device, wristband, or watch.
  • For special events, the system allows granting access to guests using a one-time PIN. This level of control offers a flexible blend of security and convenience to a property manager even when not on site.

Reporting Capabilities

Wireless access control systems also provide detailed reporting.

This includes audit information such as:

  • Tracking who had access to certain areas
  • Alerts for breach attempts
  • User logs
  • Low battery warnings
  • Audits of the system administrators and users

This data enhances the security and efficiency of property management.

Benefits and Reasons to Upgrade

The advantages of wireless access control systems extend to multiple users:

Enhanced Security

The system eliminates the need for rekeying if a resident loses their key, reduces the risk of unauthorized duplicate keys, and allows the immediate restriction of access when necessary.

This protects the building as well as other tenants.


The wireless nature of these systems means there is no need to run expensive and time-consuming wiring to every door, making it a practical solution for modernizing any building.


These systems allow property managers to manage all doors under one platform and can be used across multiple sites. Changes can be made remotely, enhancing overall management efficiency.


The instant nature of changes, increased security, and convenience offered by a single access credential can significantly enhance the resident experience.

If your current systems are becoming obsolete or unsupported, such as the Schlage ExpressTM AKA iButton system, a wireless access control system is a highly beneficial upgrade for your use.

Why it is Right for You

Wireless Access Control Systems are a modern solution for multi-family properties, providing a seamless blend of security, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

As property managers and building owners consider updates to their facilities, wireless access control systems provide a cost-effective and efficient option to strengthen the security of your building.

When you work with Assured Security, you’re getting more than just a master key system, you’re getting one team that you can rely on for all your door, lock, and building electronic security needs.

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