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A Day in the Life at Assured Security: Where Expertise Meets Opportunity

Are you contemplating a career in an industry that not only values technical skills but also places a value on communication and organization? You’re in the right place! Assured Security, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, is more than just a locksmith. We pride ourselves on being a learning organization that trains its employees into experts. Here’s an insider look at what it’s like to work at Assured Security.

What Skills Are Needed for Various Jobs at Assured Security?

Technical skills, communication skills, organization

No matter the role, be it a security professional or a technician, three skill sets are universally important—technical ability, strong communication, and organizational skills. Assured Security specializes in training people on technicalities, so long as you come with a strong foundational ability in communication and organization.

Our team consists of people who have started their careers in a variety of other sectors. Experience with doors, locks, and access control is not required. Although coming with different experiences initially, our team is unified by the fact that we all have effective communication skills and a dedication to customer service.

Formal Training at Assured Security

A Comprehensive On-the-Job Experience

As a new recruit, you’ll spend a significant amount of time shadowing jobs and participating in on-the-job training. You can expect:

Ride-Alongs: Shadow more experienced technicians to understand the nuances of the job and get hands-on experience.

Online Training: Major vendors offer self-guided training on product-specific technologies so you can learn about the differences in the products we service.

In-House Training: We provide in-house training programs to fill in the gaps where education from on-site and online training falls short.

In-Person Workshops: Learn the art of keying a lock or setting up a master key system through hands-on workshops with fellow team members.

Plenty of Helpful Resources: With a wealth of experienced professionals, industry connections, and training resources, you’ll be well-equipped to master the technical aspects of your job.

Longevity and Career Advancement

Meet Tyler

Tyler is a living example of career growth within Assured Security. He started with the service and installation of doors and frames five years ago and has since transitioned into roles involving relationship management and client quotes.

Now, he’s part of the management team, imparting his wisdom to others and helping grow our team of security professionals.

What Does This Say About Assured Security?

Opportunity and Advancement

We offer considerable room for career advancement. You can technically learn the job quite quickly, but what adds excitement to the role is honing your problem-solving skills and building relationships with clients. Once you’re technically proficient, your work becomes an art form—each job is an opportunity to impress our clients and build a system that lasts.

The Assured Attitude

We’re not just about meeting expectations for our clients but exceeding them. The ideal candidate is someone who takes pride in their work, ensuring that they deliver the best for themselves and their clients.

Certifications and Training

While there are no hard-and-fast requirements for certifications, we do value them. Long-standing employees often acquire certifications to build their knowledge. Additionally, because the industry doesn’t require specific licenses like other trades, we perform stringent background checks to ensure we have a team of trustworthy professionals that our clients can count on.

Continued Learning and Growth

Training doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll have frequent check-ins, goal-setting sessions, and annual reviews. Ultimately, the pace of your job training is individualized to fit your learning curve.

The Future of the Industry and Assured Security

Industry Trends

The security industry is ever-evolving, and so are we. While many traditional locksmiths focus solely on locks, Assured Security aims to provide comprehensive solutions that include every aspect of the door and building security. This includes cloud-based access control systems that must work seamlessly with upwards of dozens to hundreds of doors in a building. As security technology improves, we adapt to new client needs. Since spaces will always need to be secured, the security industry isn’t going anywhere as long as we continue to adapt.

Company Growth

In the last six years, we’ve tripled in size. We are becoming a one-stop shop for all things related to security and access control, setting us apart from competitors who often offer only individual door services.

Ready to Join Us?

At Assured Security, we’re not just installing doors or fixing locks. We’re building careers, fostering professional growth, and setting industry standards in Minnesota. If you’re someone who is committed, eager to learn, and values quality work, Assured Security could be your next great career move. Come, be a part of our growing family!