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Benefits of Hands-Free Access Control

Hands-free access control allows gate-keeping employees to grant doorway access with a wireless door transmitter. To keep your business flowing smoothly and safely, activate our hands-free access control with the click of a button. Wondering what wireless transmitters can do for you? Keep reading to find out.

No Need for Badges and Keys

Gone are the days of lost keys and forgotten badges. When employees leave a company and neglect to turn in their keys, it may mean installing a brand-new lock and distributing new keys. This can be costly and time consuming. Rather, hands-free access allows doorways to be opened and closed with the touch of a button, ridding the system of unnecessary keys and badges.

Improve Traffic Flow

Visitors can maneuver through entryways without having to stop and fumble for keys, or wait until an inside employee to notice them to buzz them in. Access control can be integrated with other technology, allowing visitors to alert the front desk that they’ve arrived before entering. In crowded entry and exit areas, the flow of traffic can become smoother when installing hands-free access control by eliminating the need to stop at the front desk prior to entry, creating an efficient way to filter through doorways.

Increase Safety

Hands-free access control allows users to manage who is coming into their space, eliminating potential for theft. These systems add an extra level of security by controlling who is entering and leaving a space, as well as the timing of their visit. Whether your business holds confidential information or pharmaceuticals, access control can help keep your items and information safe and secure.

Wireless transmitters work well with any of our automated door systems. These control mechanisms can be installed timely and easily by our door-installation professionals. For more ways to go hands-free, visit our page on our hands-free products and systems.