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Why Security Cameras are Good for your Multi-Tenant Building

Tenant and building safety are top priorities for managers of multi-tenant properties. Too often, multi-family complexes and their amenities available to all – such as fitness centers, garages, grills, pools, dumpsters, and storage areas – are damaged or burglarized. Each security instance is a cost and inconvenience to you or your tenants and there are often questions that go unanswered. Security cameras, also known as CCTV, can answer those questions while limiting property damage. Here’s how:

Three Benefits of a Multi-Family Security Cameras

  1. Prevent Damage

Visible security cameras are a reminder that your apartment complex and common areas are under surveillance. The mere presence of cameras will make tenants and criminals less likely to damage the property. Helping you save money in investigation and damage costs.

2. Provide Proof

For those instances when the presence of cameras isn’t enough, you’ll have video documentation of the criminal activity. Helping provide evidence to your insurance, tenant, or law enforcement.

3. Peace of Mind

Multi-family building security provides peace of mind for managers and tenants. For buildings with an on-duty guard or concierge, easy-to-use security cameras provide the ability to monitor who enters the building and when they are entering – helping to keep residents and employees safe.

Security cameras for your property can prevent many problems faced by multi-family buildings and for those unpreventable instances – they can provide valuable documentation to help find the solution. Are you ready to implement a security camera system at your property? Contact the team of experts at Assured Security to provide information and expertise about security camera options for your multi-tenant property.