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How Should you Pick the Right Commercial Locksmith?

While choosing the best commercial locksmith for your Twin Cities business may not seem to be difficult, picking the right locksmith can make the job of protecting your business a whole lot easier. We recommend that you work with a commercial locksmith who can take care of all your door, lock, key, alarm, camera, and access control security problems.

Why choose Assured Security for your commercial locksmith needs?

Assured Security is your trusted Twin Cities locksmith that is equipped and experienced in all commercial security areas from door services to lock and key services to electronic security solutions.

You could piece-meal our service and product offerings from a variety of other vendors but what sets us apart from our competitors – is being your one-stop security shop – with the following promises.

We Simplify

Combining our understanding of your unique needs and our ability to innovate, we’re able to make accessibility and security threats simpler for you to manage.

  • We make door management easy.
    • Our Door Management system was developed to help property and facility managers effortlessly take care of their commercial doors – all from their mobile phones.
  • All of our work is managed by our team – which gives you one vendor number to call, saves you time (and money!), and minimizes confusion in getting your commercial security problems fixed.
  • We make sure you receive a quality solution from the beginning.
    • By being able to collaborate, our team can approach your door and security problems from all angles to provide a faster, big-picture, easy-to-manage, and long-term solution.
  • If there is a problem, we own it.
    • We view it as our problem (not yours) so you can trust that we will get you the optimal fix.
  • We’re focused on making your life easier and more secure.
    • We strive to provide continuous service – even after an initial repair or installation of your commercial security systems. We will happily come back to service any other door, lock, key, camera, alarm, or access control issues you may have that need to be fixed.

We Care

We will get to know you and your business to provide the best service and solution.

  • We answer when you call.
    • We have one phone number for you to call – making it as easy as possible for you to connect with us when you need a local commercial locksmith.
    • A real person will answer the phone.
    • You can contact us 24/7/365 and we’ll be there for you.
  • We thrive on building relationships for the most personalized service.
    • By building a personal connection with you, we get to understand your reasons and goals for your access control and security systems so we can provide the best option(s).

We Solve

As security threats evolve, we must always be one step ahead. We use our experience to continuously create new and improved door, lock, key, camera, alarm, access control, and commercial security products and services.

  • We combine mechanical and electronic security expertise to create full-featured integrated solutions.
  • We can update businesses’ lock and key sets to improve the security of your property.
  • We help you navigate ADA and life safety standard requirements.
  • We understand that you want to conveniently manage your building’s security from anywhere at any time.
    • Are you tired of worrying about commercial building security, large key rings, and staff access for your business? Consider a keyless access system for your business. This cloud-based building access control system is managed from anywhere at any time.
  • We have seen it all.
    • We started as Bloomington Lock & Safe Company and we have been locally owned since 1964. We have seen the evolution of various door, lock, key, alarm, camera, and access control products and services. This enables us to understand why things are the way they are and how we can improve your commercial security systems, doors, lock, key, camera, alarm, and access control.

Are You Ready to Find Your Partner in Security?

When working with Assured Security, you and your business will be well taken care of. We’re your one-stop shop for door, lock, & electronic security service needs. Give us a call at 952-881-0896 to learn how we can help you and to experience our competitive differences first-hand.