At Assured Security, we want to ensure our customers have all their belongings protected, which is why we provide installation services for office furniture locks.



Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping confidential records and other important documents safe. Documents such as social security cards or birth certificates are just a few of the many items that require extra protection. Assured Security offers office furniture locks to keep your confidential and important documents safe.

Optimal Security for Sensitive Documents

If you often work with extremely confidential paperwork, ensuring you have the proper security in and around your desk and drawers is extremely important. Assured Security can help you find the best office furniture locks and keys based on your exact needs.

Ideal for Filing Cabinets and Desks

Your belongings and information are secure with Assured Security’s file cabinet locks and keys. When you need to store valuable items in your desk, our secure locks can be installed on other desk drawers. Our durable locks help you establish a peace of mind knowing your items and documents are safe and secure.

Easily Create Additional Keys

Office furniture locks can be easily re-keyed, so if you lose your keys or they fall into the wrong hands, Assured Security can help you get a new set.

Stay Protected When You’re Away

Being away from sensitive documents and valuable belongings can be nerve wracking. Our office furniture lock and key services at Assured Security can help you maximize the protection of your belongings—even when you’re away for an extended period.

Keep Better Track of Belongings

Quit losing little items and start keeping your belongings in a secure cabinet or drawer. Our office furniture lock installation services can help you turn your desk drawer into a scaled-down storage unit for important items. Our services can help you manage a single place for smaller objects and documents.

Office furniture locks can help you keep track of your most important information and belongings without worry. At Assured Security, we can help you find the lock that best suits your needs. Contact us today to get started.