Maximize Safety With Our High-Security Lock Installation Services

High-security locks take the traditional lock and key system to the next level. High-security locks are immune to lock picking and bumping, which makes them as theft-proof as possible. At Assured Security, we strive to provide our customers with the most effective lock and key systems, which is why we offer installation services for high-security locks. To speak with an expert about installing high-security locks on your property, contact us today.

Assured Security is an ASSA Abloy Medeco Security Center

ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Centers are an elite group of Medeco, and Arrow dealers located throughout the United States and Canada, chosen for their professional business practices, experience, and desire to lead in educating customers about security risks and solutions. At an ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Center like Assured Security, you will find knowledgeable, highly trained technicians who provide sound security advice, top-notch service, and genuine expertise.

  • Experienced. Trained. Qualified.
    ASSA ABLOY Medeco Security Center partners go through extensive locking hardware training to learn the proper use for the different types of locking hardware available and their correct installation methods. You are guaranteed an extremely qualified team of professionals who can share their expertise and improve the safety and security of our customers.
  • Medeco High-Security Locks—The Best in the Business
    Medeco High-Security locks are simply the best way to control the unauthorized duplication of your keys. The patented protected locking system guarantees no other blank manufacturers can produce their blanks while Medeco controls the distribution of blanks only to authorized dealers. The double-locking principles built into their design assures you the best protection against being picked or bumped. This means that keys can only be duplicated by us, which adds another solid, reliable layer of security for your building.

Benefits of High-Security Locks

At Assured Security, we want to help our customers achieve maximum security, which is why we offer installation services for high-security locks. In addition to offering an extra sense of security for your possessions and loved ones, there are several additional benefits to installing high-security locks on your property.

  • Minimize Key Duplications | Worried about the wrong person making a copy of your key? With high-security lock and key systems, you don’t have to worry about standard key duplications. Only Assured Security has the key blanks to copy your high-security key, when requested by an authorized person, which restricts loose keys from getting into the wrong hands.
  • Pick and Bump Resistant | The high-security locks’ designs make it almost impossible to pick or bump. Due to their extensive levels of key cutting, installing high-security locks on your property can save you from experiencing theft and costly repairs.
  • Maximize Security | Because high-security locks are made using advanced technology, their design makes it more difficult for break-ins to happen. You can rest assured your property and belongings are secure with the installation of UL437 Listed high-security locks.

At Assured Security, we are happy to install Medeco and ASSA high-security locks for our customers. We strive to provide lock and key solutions capable of ensuring safety for you and your possessions. To work with a team of professionals experienced in high-security lock installation, contact Assured Security today.

Contact Assured Security For High-Security Lock Solutions Today

At Assured Security, we believe in providing our customers with high-security lock solutions they can rely on. Our team of lock experts supplies advanced mechanical systems to ensure our customers and their possessions remain secure and safe. Driven by customer satisfaction, the team at Assured Security is here to help you find the high-security lock solutions you need.

Assured Security is a family-owned business serving Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the Twin Cities area. To learn more about what our team of lock experts can do for you, contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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