Medical Institution Security

Hospitals and other medical institutions require specific forms of security that not only enhance safety and protection but also promote maneuverability in a fast-paced environment. At Assured Security, we understand the value of medical institution security solutions that work, which is why we provide services for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Whether you’re in need of ADA COMPLIANT door additions, or you require card access doors, Assured Security is here to assist. To inquire about our medical institution security solutions, contact Assured Security today.

Medical Institution Security Solutions

There are several ways Assured Security can help you maximize the protection and security in your hospital or healthcare facility. Our team of professionals can help you find the technology and security solutions best for your institution’s needs.

  • Access Control Systems |Restricting access to authorized visitors is critical in a hospital or clinic environment. With important patients, medication, and sensitive information, having access control systems is the “key” to maintaining order and organization. Assured Security can provide a variety of access control system options, including keyless entry systems, intelligent key systems, and more.
  • Card Readers |Hospitals and clinics require easy and prompt access between rooms and hallways. In a fast-paced environment, such as a hospital, fumbling with keys can cause nurses and technicians to lose valuable time, while an unlocked door leaves room for intruders to get in and out of restricted areas. At Assured Security, we can provide you an access control system that quickly permits only authorized people into a room or area.
  • Electric ADA COMPLIANT Doors |In hospital environments, having wheelchair-accessible doors is critical. A hospital should be comfortable and easy to maneuver for patients and visitors with all types of abilities. At Assured Security, we can assist you in keeping your hospital or clinic accessible for all people with our ADA COMPLIANT door installation services. If you’re in need of ADA COMPLIANT doors or features, contact Assured Security. Our team of experienced professionals can provide prompt and efficient installation services.
  • Locks & Safes |Hospitals and other healthcare facilities contain a variety of sensitive information. From patients’ names to medical information, ensuring your health institution’s records remain secure is critical. At Assured Security, we can help you achieve maximum document security with our lock and safe solutions. We install durable locks on cabinets and drawers, in addition to high-security locks where you feel necessary. Our team of experts strives to supply our customers with hospital security solutions capable of securing all aspects of the facility.

Providing security solutions for environments that need it most is what we do best. We want to ensure our customers feel confident in their security systems. Hospitals and healthcare facilities require security systems that are reliable and durable. At Assured Security, we supply a selection of hospital security solutions capable of enhancing the safety and protection of any clinic or facility. Contact us to get the security system your facility needs today.

Contact Assured Security For Your Medical Security Solutions Today

Our team of qualified lock and security professionals here at Assured Security strives to provide our customers with a satisfying experience. We provide top-notch communication throughout every project. We strive to answer every question and address every concern and can provide quotes before beginning any project.

At Assured Security, we understand the importance of having a security system that promotes workflow and productivity while enforcing strict access restrictions in a healthcare environment. For high-performing hospital security solutions, contact Assured Security today. Our team of lock and security experts look forward to helping you establish a safe and secure medical institution.

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