High-Tech Industry Security Solutions

With technology continually advancing, maintaining the security of tech companies is critical. Minnesota is a leader in the technology field, as our state holds several Fortune 500 tech and biomedical firms. Protecting the innovative assets and technological advancements of these companies is extremely important. At Assured Security, we offer security solutions for companies in the high-tech industry. We have the tools and expertise it takes to ensure important devices, information, and materials remain secure.

Confidential research and sensitive controls require protection. Assured Security can help you manage the security in your technological institution with advanced access systems and locks. We supply a variety of security options capable of keeping your company’s information safe and secure. To work with our team of trained professionals, contact Assured Security today.

Types of Security Solutions For High-Tech Industries

Because devices and information in high-tech industries require specific and reliable security solutions, finding the correct type of solution is important. At Assured Security, we provide several security solutions for companies in the high-tech industry.

  • Card Access Systems | Restricting access in a building where important research and sensitive information are present is critical to a technology company’s success. At Assured Security, we provide efficient security solutions that enhance the protection of information with keyless entry systems. Card access systems can promote a quick and simple movement within the building, while still ensuring only authorized visitors can enter the room or area.
  • Fingerprint Access Control | Assured Security can help you advance restrictive access to rooms and areas in your technological building. If you’re in need of a high-performing method to enhance the access restriction in your building, Assured Security can install fingerprint access control options. For more information on our fingerprint access security solutions, contact our team of experts today.
  • Intelligent Key Systems | Advanced key systems can ensure sensitive information remains safe and protected. At Assured Security, we provide intelligent key system installation services to enhance companies’ security systems. Intelligent key systems are ideal for buildings with established hardware that require updated security. Impossible to duplicate without the proper permission, intelligent key systems keeps your restricted areas protected from outside intruders.
  • Alarms & Cameras Services | Our team of experts at Assured Security can install high-quality security alarm and camera systems in your building. These systems give you the ability to monitor the events of your building at all times, no matter where you are. As a company in the high-tech industry, it is important to know exactly who and what is happening around the sensitive information in your building. Our security alarm and camera systems can help you maintain and protect your business.

At Assured Security, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in keeping their property and information safe and secure. We understand the importance of high security in technological companies and businesses. To learn more about our research facility security systems, contact Assured Security. We are happy to answer any questions you have throughout a project to ensure your satisfaction with each installation.

Contact Assured Security For Your High-Tech Industry Security Solutions

Between innovative designs and sensitive information, ensuring a technology company’s security is extremely important for a variety of reasons. At Assured Security, we want to help our customers in the high-tech industry continue to advance the world’s technology. Our security services can help you manage and secure your business from intruders and unauthorized visitors. Whether you’re in need of a camera system that keeps you updated 24/7, or you require keyless entry systems on your buildings’ doors, Assured Security is here to help. Our team of security experts can help you find the system best for your needs and requirements. Contact us today to start your installation off with a quote.

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