Educational Building Security Services in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota

K-12 education security needs have changed quite a bit in recent years, requiring better control as to who enters and where people can go within your building. Regardless of size, location, or the type of school or educational facility, controlling flow is a top priority. At Assured Security, we’re here to help secure and protect educational buildings and campuses to keep students, teachers, and administrators safe.

The Power of Education | The Importance of Security

Maintaining secure educational buildings and facilities is an important task. Whether private or public, there are many ways locking hardware can provide protection and security. The team here at Assured Security has experience working with educators, government officials, law enforcement, and others to implement custom security solutions in their facilities. We offer a wide range of mechanical and electronic locking hardware to provide protection for K-12 education.

  • Access Control & Visitor Management
    No matter the size of your educational building, access control comes in many forms, such as fob systems, push-button locks, and high-security keys. These are essential components of maintaining security for those areas you want to be protected from the public. Access control helps you manage visitors as well as ensures teachers and administrators have the appropriate access they need. We utilize mechanical and electronic hardware together to form custom solutions to find the best protection for your educational facility.
  • Video Intercom Systems
    Security systems have drastically improved over the years, and video intercoms are an important part of it. At schools and educational facilities, video intercom systems provide an extra layer of security as another form of visitor management.
  • Alarm Systems
    Alarm systems create an extra layer of security for your K-12 educational building. After-hours protection reduces chances of vandalism. A custom alarm system helps protect your property while also preventing and deterring potential risks.
  • Security Camera Systems
    Whether using analog or IP camera systems, you can take advantage of video surveillance to keep a keen eye on who enters and exits your facility. Security cameras and monitoring help protect your students and staff by watching for potential security threats and providing valuable documentation should there be a security event. Ask about viewing from your mobile device.
  • Locksmithing Services
    Whether you need a rekey or the installation of a master key system, we have your school covered. As a full-service locksmith company, we offer an extensive array of locking hardware brands and types that conform to ADA and life safety requirements. We have been providing locksmithing services for over 50 years and are well-prepared to repair, replace, or install any locking device.
  • Door Hardware
    We provide door hardware products and services for schools and other educational institutions in the Twin Cities. This includes emergency exit devices, door closers, automatic door operators, and more. Our team is well-versed in ADA compliance requirements, as well as any other relevant government requirements.
  • Safe Services
    At our showroom in Bloomington, Minnesota, we offer a selection of new and used safes to use for storing sensitive information or hazardous items. Additionally, we have a team of experts who can repair, open, update, and install your safe.

Safety | Security | Protection

Assured Security has been serving local schools and educational institutions in the Twin Cities for many years. As a commercial security company, we have a wide range of experience creating highly effective and efficient security systems for a wide range of educational applications, ensuring the safety of staff, students, and property. From simple emergency exit hardware to high-tech security camera installations, we have everything you need for K-12 security. Call us today to learn more about how we can help keep you and your students protected.

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