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Doors are a necessity for your business but when your doors are sticking, not closing, starting to rust, or difficult to open, you need to figure out the best solution.

With weakened doors, burglars can pry your door open, kick your door in, or simply open the door when it doesn't latch, to gain access.

Make sure the hardware you have on your doors is up to code and ready for an emergency.

Weathered Blue DoorOver time doors experience wear and tear, or get damaged making it seem like replacing the door is inevitable when in reality you have options to repair your door issues.


When you work with door experts we can help you find the right door fix for your situation, within your budget. Each problem requires a unique solution and working with an experienced door team allows us to find the best solution for your unique problem thanks to our diverse skillset and service offerings.

Additional Door Services

Door repair or replacement

Door frame repair or replacement

Automatic door operator servicing and installation

Service and install latch guards and astragal devices

Commercial emergency exit compliance

Door jamb welding

Hands-free devices including wave switches

Maintain and install exit devices and continuous hinges

And more!

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