Do you have an outdated or damaged door compromising your security? With our expert installation, repair, and maintenance services, we transform vulnerabilities into reliable, secure, access points. We ensure your doors self-lock, protect against the elements, and deter unauthorized access. Assured Security is your reliable safeguard in the Twin Cities for your commercial door and frame needs.

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Doors Serviced in the Twin Cities
Local Businesses Secured
Years Serving Minnesota

We Service All Types of Doors Including:

Security doors

Warehouse doors

Emergency exit doors

Office Doors

Energy efficient doors

Double doors

Upgrade Your Security and Accessibility:

Continuous hinges

Remote Access

ADA Openers

Exit Devices

High-Quality Hardware

Interlocking Latch Guards

Properties We Service:

Apartment Buildings

Schools and Campuses

Office Buildings

Industrial & Warehouse

Commercial Spaces

Municipal & Government

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Exit Device in Door 2