Phone Entry Systems

Phone entry systems extend a building’s access control, allowing guests' requests for access to be directly sent to either a mobile or landline phone. Much like a traditional access control system, visitors are required to call either a tenant or a business extension before entering a

premise. Those who have control of the receiving phone will be able to choose from a variety of methods to grant visitor access, most commonly allowing entry by pushing or tapping a button on their device.

twin cities Phone Entry System Options

Video Screening

Many types of phone entry systems incorporate video screening as an added level of security. Screening can be utilized using a mobile app.

Easily Integrated

Telephone entry systems can be integrated into pre-existing access control systems, making it a simple and effective addition.


A phone entry system removes the risk of key duplication, keeping businesses safe from security threats.

Remote Capabilities

Phone entry systems give you the power to control your building or unit 24/7 all from the palm of your hand.

Quality Investment

Telephone entry systems are built to last. These systems feature hardy construction and a vandal-resistant design to keep your space protected.

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