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It’s time to switch to a cloud-based system before yours becomes obsolete. Here at Assured Security, we believe Brivo is the future of access control.




Save Money without the need of software and hardware upgrades, in-house IT services, or replacing lost/stolen cards and fobs with the use of the mobile app.  

Peace of Mind knowing that the system won’t become outdated because it will automatically evolve as technology advances.  

Improve Efficiency with the use of a mobile device or laptop to retrieve reports, update user credentials, and view events from anywhere at any time.

Save Time with mobile management tools lock/unlock doors, view events and manage user credentials from anywhere.

Maximize Technology when you can enhance and integrate with existing security systems such as security cameras and alarms.

Increase Efficiency with door event tracking and role-based permissions.

Flexible Credential Options including mobile app, fobs, and cards.

Enhance Security with emergency facility lockdown feature and cloud-based service with SOC2 Type II Certification.

Why Others Made the Switch

One of our clients opened a new location which couldn’t be added to their current security system because its flash-based server-hosted software had been discontinued by Microsoft. They tried Brivo and liked it so much that they switched the system at their other location, too. Our client chose Brivo because the software is continuously updated and will never become obsolete.

What’s the Price Difference?

A cloud-hosted system includes subscription fees, but the overall cost of ownership usually ends up being less over time and saves you money in the long run. Cloud-based technology eliminates the need of a server, software patches, or hardware upgrades and doesn’t run the risk of becoming outdated. All of which makes is cost less than a traditional system.

Cloud-Based Technology Grows with You

A cloud-based building access control system grows with your company as data requirements evolve and security needs change. All your security needs are taken care of with specified reports and robust data analytics. You will receive notifications for late arrivals, power supply issues, doors that are left open, and more.

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