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If you have a key, lock, door, access control, camera, alarm, safe, or any piece of security hardware with a Bloomington Lock & Safe, Bloomington Security Solutions, Minneapolis Lock & Key, ESS, or Assured Security, Inc. logo we're glad you found us!

We are a Twin Cities security company that has been providing security solutions since 1964. However, we have operated under several different names including some you may have seen (or worked with) before.

1964 - Bloomington lock & Safe Company, Inc.

Bloomington Lock & Safe Company, Inc. began in Minnesota as a locksmith company serving HOAs, commercial property managers, and electrified hardware contractors. It continues to be our legal name today.

1990's - Bloomington security solutions

We started using the trade name Bloomington Security Solution since we expanded into access control, security camera, and alarms.

2017 - Minneapolis lock & key

We acquired the accounts and hired the employees of Minneapolis Lock & Key, which has expertise in preparing antique locks and working on historic building lock hardware. We continue to operate Minneapolis Lock & Key as a separate entity to help with locksmith needs in the Minneapolis area.

2018 - Electronic Security Support (ess)

We acquired the accounts of ESS, a commercial security alarm company.

2019 - assured security, inc.

We acquired the accounts and hired the employees of Assured Security, Inc which brought increased skills in door and automatic door operator installation.

2020 - assured security

We rebranded to Assured Security to clarify we offer a broad array of door, lock, & electronic security solutions throughout the Twin Cities. Here's everything you need to know about our most recent rebrand to Assured Security.

Whether you found us because you're looking to repair old security hardware, have worked with one of our previous entities, or want to install a new security system rest assured, we are here to help!

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We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in Minnesota. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for your commercial property, please call our offices at 952-881-0896, email us at, or stop by our showrooms in Bloomington or Minneapolis.