Video Surveillance and Commercial Security Camera Systems

Surveillance security cameras provide you with the ability to see what is happening both inside and outside of your building. As part of a commercial security camera system, they help control inventory shrinkage and reduce premise liability risks. At Assured Security, we offer products, solutions, and installations of security camera systems for businesses and organizations in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities metro. From one security camera and monitor system to a multiple security camera network, we can provide video solutions for virtually any surveillance application.

Simple Security Solutions | Modern Security Camera Functionality

We offer IP solutions featuring new, high megapixel security cameras that provide you with the ability to see more, with less camera. We also offer traditional analog security camera options as a more cost-effective solution for our customers looking to upgrade an existing system on their building or property. No matter the application, our team at Assured Security will be able to work with you to find the best surveillance solution for your needs.

Commercial Security Camera Solutions in the Twin Cities

We work with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, providing custom and efficient security solutions. Our customers rely on our expertise and years of experience to help them secure and protect their property, business, employees, and more. Whether you need one security camera or 100, we work with you to find the best video surveillance solution. Our team comes to you to assess the layout, your needs, and optimal system requirements. Most video surveillance solutions include a combination of the following:

  • IP Security Camera System Installation
    IP security cameras are digital, providing high definition video and better quality overall. The appeal of better resolution is the ability to view a wider area with greater accuracy and detail.
  • Cloud/Servers/recorders
    Our team will set you up with the proper system needed to facilitate your video security installation whether it’s the cloud or an in-house server. We will also provide support and training, so you and your team know how to best use your new video surveillance system.
  • Video Analytics
    One way to always be aware of the activity in and around your property is through video analytics. This advanced feature automatically analyzes the captured video content to detect events. You will receive alerts accordingly, so that you can act quickly.
  • Surveillance Mobile Apps
    Stay connected to your video surveillance system through a mobile app. You can quickly and easily monitor live or recorded video remotely so you can retain your peace of mind and ability to respond quickly.
  • Cloud Solutions
    Our team of security experts can help you manage your business with the installation of cloud hosted solutions. Cloud hosting facilitates integration with other applications including access control, email, active directory, and security alarms. We hand select user-friendly systems that keep you aware of what’s happening in your business.
  • Analog Security Camera System Installation
    More traditional analog camera systems provide basic security coverage. Assured Security can help you maintain or upgrade your existing system.

Benefits of Security Cameras from Assured Security

Security technology is always expanding and changing, and we are dedicated to staying in-the-know and on top of our game every single day. There are numerous scenarios where having a commercial video surveillance system in place would be useful, and a well-designed and properly installed video surveillance system is of incredible value for any building. Below are some of the top benefits of video surveillance:

  • Peace of mind
  • Reduce loss
  • Increase visibility
  • Improve safety
  • Clear documentation

Advanced Security Cameras for Businesses and Beyond

Assured Security is a family owned and operated locksmith and security solutions provider in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. We service the entire Twin Cities metro with commercial video surveillance systems, access control systems and more. Contact us today to learn more about securing your business, school, multi-family building, church, or other property with video surveillance.

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