Security and Convenience: Custom Phone Entry Systems

When it comes to comprehensive access control services, you can rely on Assured Security. And an essential component of many modern access control systems is the telephone. Phone entry systems have increased greatly in popularity throughout the Twin Cities as they provide an extra level of security and convenience to everyone involved. Is it time for you to install a phone entry system at your business or multi-family building?

What is a Phone Entry System?

A phone entry system is an extension of a building’s access control system that allows users to connect directly to a mobile or landline telephone. At the point of entry, a visitor uses the system to call a tenant or business extension, much like a traditional access control system. However, instead of buzzing an apartment or a business suite, a phone gets called. At this point, there are a variety of methods for granting access, but whoever has control of the receiving phone will be able to answer accordingly and allow entry by pushing or tapping a button on their device.

How Phone Entry Systems Can Help You.

Upgrading your current access control system or installing a new one incorporating phone entry adds an extra level of security. And yet, while increasing security, these systems also increase convenience.

  • Guests can find who they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Businesses and property managers can organize and sort listings in a way that is most sensible for them.
  • Tenants may address a call from virtually any location. Whether on the couch in their apartment or visiting friends across town, tenants can answer, screen, and direct calls to their unit as they wish.
  • Businesses can maintain a secure premise without compromising sales. Whether you provide a service such as massage therapy or accounting, you can maintain your work schedule and guests at your door safely and efficiently.

Accessible | Reliable | Versatile

  • Video Screening
    Many phone entry systems incorporate video for an added level of security. Mobile apps enable easy two-way communication with the video intercom.
  • Easily Integrated
    Many of these phone entry systems can be integrated into existing access control systems. It’s a simple and effective solution for new and old buildings alike.
  • High Security
    A phone entry system removes the risk of key duplication that often accompanies situations such as hiring a housekeeper or babysitter. Additionally, small or isolated businesses can keep an “open door” without the security risk.
  • Remote Capabilities
    It’s no secret that we live busy lives. Having a reliable system in place to help maintain security for you, your tenants, or your business is essential for peace of mind. A phone entry system allows you and your tenants to go about your lives while having the power to control building and unit access in the palm of your hands.
  • Quality Investment
    These systems are built to last. From their hardy construction and vandal-resistant design, you can rest assured you’ve made a smart investment.

Custom Phone Entry Systems and Access Control

Assured Security is a commercial security company that has been providing custom access control services to business owners and property managers for decades. We specialize in utilizing the latest developments in security technology and combining that with our team’s industry expertise for the best security solutions in the Twin Cities. Contact us today to learn more about securing your apartment complex, condo, HOA properties, gated community, office building, industrial site, and more.

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