Protecting Your Retail Business and Employees
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Protecting Your Retail Business and Employees

Retail storefronts have been an integral part of American society from our beginning. The United States was built on the American entrepreneurial spirit with all of the hard work it takes to build a successful shop or sell a great product. Today, retail business plays just as vital a role in our country as it did in the beginning, keeping this country going by providing great products on demand.

As with any business, it’s important to plan for and mitigate risks from financial planning to creating a comprehensive approach to security. At Assured Security, we work with retail store owners throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas to help protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. In this post, our security experts talk about making a plan that integrates commercial security services to protect your retail store, employees, customers, and property.

Assessing Your Retail Security Needs

To get a clear picture of your company’s security needs, it’s important to start by evaluating your risk. Just like any industry, the retail industry tends to be associated more with certain types of crime. One of the innate challenges of handling retail security is the sheer volume of individuals entering and leaving the site throughout the course of a shift or a workday. Especially during busy seasons, a retail store will see a large number of customers browsing during any given shift, and it can be hard to connect with everyone who stops by.

One of the most common problems for retail security is shrinkage due to shoplifting, and this problem can compound when employees are too busy to help everyone who stops by.

These are some of the most common retail security risks:

●        Liability risks due to customer or employee injury

●        Employee theft

●        Shoplifting

●        Burglary

●        Vandalism

●        Personal disputes among staff

●        Irate customers

Creating a Retail Security Plan

A comprehensive approach to retail security helps to protect a business’s assets while keeping employees and shoppers safe. You’ll first need to take into account the size and scope of your business. The security needs of a small shop that’s closed on the weekends will be different from a store with several locations, is open later, or is located in a particularly busy area. A professional commercial security services expert can help you determine the types of risks you need to mitigate and create a good plan for mitigation.

A good commercial security plan will factor in a twofold approach to security:

●        Security Response- Security response refers to how you manage crime or risk once it occurs. It’s important to take into account immediate safety concerns as well as loss recovery.

●        Prevention/Deterrence- It’s far less costly to prevent a risk or crime than to manage the outcome once it has occurred. Prevention methods focus on making it difficult or risky to commit a crime, reducing the overall chance that it will occur.

Integrating Commercial Security Systems

Once you’ve assessed your store’s key risk factors and evaluated your existing security plan, it’s time to think about integrating commercial security systems into your security plan. Taking prevention and response into account, a retail security plan may integrate the following:

1.   A Commercial Video Surveillance System

A good video surveillance system is essential for every storefront regardless of size. Video surveillance functions as a first-line deterrent against employee theft and helps you track down internal sources of loss should they arise.

Video surveillance can be used to assess liability and protect your store in case a liability dispute arises. It can also serve to guard against outside intruders. Having a video surveillance system will help to reduce shoplifting and encourage employees to engage in better customer service practices.

2.   A Commercial Security Alarm System

Installing a commercial security alarm system functions as the first line of defense after your doors are locked up for the night. Today’s alarm systems can integrate window and door sensors, motion detectors, thermal sensors, glass break detectors, and panic buttons. With mobile control, a store manager can arm the system and view the status from anywhere using a mobile device.

3.   Commercial Safe Services

Retail stores handle a high volume of cash, especially on a busy night or during promotions or the holiday season. When management changes hands or there’s a potential security risk, you should change your safe combination immediately or consider upgrading your safe with a higher security model.

Contact Our Twin Cities Commercial Security Services

Whether you’re running a chain of convenience stores or a high-end boutique, you need to protect your investment to help your business succeed. At Assured Security, our experienced commercial security experts have been providing high-performance security solutions to the Twin Cities for five decades.

To discuss your store’s security needs with an experienced security pro, give us a call and we’ll schedule a consultation. Connect with a member of our team at 952.881.0896 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help protect your retail store.


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