Implementing Good School Access Control Procedures
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Implementing Good School Access Control Procedures

Good security best practices are paramount in a school setting, especially in today’s climate where active shooters are a growing concern. While school security has always been at the top of administrators’ lists, communities, educators, and parents are working harder than ever to keep students safe. Understanding that most school tragedies are methodically planned out could be part of the key to preventing them.

At Assured Security, we specialize in providing complex security solutions for commercial settings. Access control is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping schools safe. Read on to learn more about implementing good school access control procedures and how they can protect students and educators in schools.

Developing a School Security Plan

As school administrators and security experts put together a security plan, there are many moving parts to take into consideration. One of the most frequently discussed is how schools will handle Intruder On Site and Active Shooter protocols.

While this is a key piece of your school’s security plan, your first line of defense should be to prevent intruder access to begin with. There are several ways schools manage this including escort procedures for visitors and visitor ID badges. And at the heart of all comprehensive security plans are good access control measures.

What is Access Control?

Access control systems are integrated systems designed to allow comprehensive control over every aspect of a commercial facility or school. A complete access control system includes the around-the-clock security of an audit trail accessible to a school’s security team from any mobile device or computer.

At Assured Security, we offer four main types of access control:

1.      Keyless access

2.      Intercoms

3.      Intelligent key systems

4.      Camera systems

Creating an Access Control Plan

To develop a complete access control plan, a security team will need to first evaluate access to the school’s perimeter. Points of entry to the grounds or facilities should be limited, and all personnel and students should be made aware of access control procedures. By securing the entrances to your school, you help to mitigate the risk of a school tragedy and protect students and teachers before a problem can arise.

Here are a few more steps you can take to protect school grounds:

●        Make sure the perimeter is secured.

●        Patrol the parking lot and grounds.

●        Make sure all students and faculty carry photo ID badges.

●        Have security regularly check badges around campus.

●        Integrate camera services into the security plan.

●        Post security or faculty monitors at points of entry.

Using Video Intercoms

How can you tell if a visitor to your school is supposed to be there? Many schools are integrating video intercoms into their system more than ever before for this purpose. With a video intercom, parents, visitors, and vendors can connect with the front desk staff without requiring them to come to the front door. Once a visitor is confirmed as someone who is permitted to be on campus, the staff can release the door and allow the visitor inside the building.

Camera Systems

Cameras can be a key element of a school’s access control plan. High-resolution images allow security staff to identify details of an altercation on campus or a security threat that occurs.

Many potential security risks begin in a school’s parking lot. In addition to routinely patrolling the grounds, use video analytics to identify cars that shouldn’t be on the grounds. With the aid of technology, your video surveillance system can identify potential security risks and create alerts for the security management team. You’ll also be able to review incidents after the fact.

Establishing Security Protocols

The key to good access control is making sure that once your security protocols are defined, everyone knows how to use them and follows them closely. By working with a professional security company, you’ll be able to identify any potential soft spots in your security plan and make corrections where necessary.

Once you’ve established those protocols, be sure to hold regular meetings among staff so everyone is on board with every procedure. It’s also important to train students on access control procedures and regularly monitor everyone on campus for compliance.

We can also help with the following security concerns:

●        Master key systems

●        Door hardware and locks

●        Safe services

●        Alarm systems

Your Twin Cities Source for Access Control Systems

Whether you’re an administrator or a security professional in the process of developing your school’s institutional security protocols, call our commercial security company. We can help you conduct a security assessment and evaluate any areas of concern so you stop security threats before they can happen.

At Assured Security, we specialize in providing a tailored approach to the security needs of area schools and commercial organizations in the Twin Cities. To discuss your school security protocols, call us at 952.881.0896 or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced security professionals.

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