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Need a New Commercial Door or Frame? We Do That, Too!

You already know that Assured Security is your one-stop shop for automatic door operators, locks, and access control, but did you know we also repair and replace commercial doors and frames? If you have any door-related issues, you can skip the hassle of contacting multiple vendors and let us do it all.

When is it time to repair or replace your business door (or frame)?

There are several signs that your door may be on the way out, but if it can be salvaged – we’ll repair it. If not, we can install a new one. If the frame is the issue, we’ll take care of that, too.

Here are the top 4 signs you need to have your existing door or frame repaired or a new one installed:

  1. Rust on your door or frame may compromise the structure’s integrity and lead to the inability to protect your property.
  2. Not closing or latching on its own is a security concern because anyone would be able to enter the building.
  3. Doors that sag, rub, or are out of plumb can create gaps around the door and frame that can cause draftiness and allow rodents or bugs inside.
  4. Age, wear and tear, or damage are common reasons that could also make your building less energy efficient – increasing heating and cooling costs.

What does replacing a door entail?

Assured security can repair or replace interior or exterior commercial doors. We know the cost of having to replace doors and frames can be daunting, especially if these expenses have not been budgeted for this year. Having an issue addressed sooner than later saves you money eventually and keeps your building safe and secure.

Once we determine whether the door can be repaired or needs to be replaced, we get to work. Our team not only installs the door and frame, but also has expertise in hardware like door closers, exit devices, locks/handles, hinges, weather stripping, and/or a full-length latch guard which improves the safety, security, and convenience of your door.

We can even replace doors year-round!

We have a special tent that we use in the winter that holds in heat and ensures there is no gaping hole exposing your building to the elements while we work. Most door replacement jobs are done within the same day to minimize weather and security concerns.

Why should you choose Assured Security over another contractor?

As a trusted vendor for over 55 years, we offer the expertise, experience, and in-house staff needed to solve any door, lock, or electronic security problem. We respond quickly, provide quality service you can count on, and offer custom solutions to accommodate your space, door swing, or unique material needs.

Beyond door repair, replacement, and installation, we can install security cameras, access control, alarms, and intercom systems to ensure your building is safe and secure. Our team understands ADA compliance and life safety requirements, including automatic door operator installation and specialty hardware, like panic bars. We provide a variety of lock and key solutions and our locksmithing team is available 24 hours a day.

Some businesses use several different vendors for their variety of door, lock, and electronic security services, which makes it hard to know who to call when you need assistance. Here at Assured Security, we do it all. Having all door-related problems solved by one company cuts costs and confusion. Contact us today, so we can get started right away.