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Time to take control of your key system?

When you have multiple lock and key sets on a property, it may be enticing to have the most affordable and conventional key system based on convenience alone. Unfortunately, generic key systems can increase security threats on your commercial property. These systems make it easy for individuals to create duplicate keys and gain access to all of your secure areas, but what if we told you there’s a better system that can be retrofitted within your existing hardware?

Is it time to upgrade to a higher security key system?

If it has been a while since you have looked at your key system, consider a few questions to determine if it’s time to upgrade your keys on your commercial property.

  • Do you regularly give copies of your keys to employees or tenants?
  • Do the keys you provide allow access to areas you’d like to keep secure from the public?
  • Are your current keys easy to duplicate at a hardware store or kiosk even with ‘Do Not Copy’ stamped on them?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

Then, it’s time to learn about high-security keys and why you should have them on your commercial property. When you don’t have high-security keys, your business could be exposed to many security threats including:

  • Theft of commercial property or products
  • Liability for unauthorized individuals stealing confidential information
  • Individuals getting injured because they were left unattended
  • Vandalism to your property
  • Misunderstanding of who actually has the keys to your business because keys can be quickly copied without your knowledge or given to someone else by an employee or tenant.

What are high-security keys?

High-security keys are multi-faceted keys that provide increased security, increased combination choices, and increased protection of your business or building.

  • Each key is comprised of high-quality brass and steel inserts and when they are paired with a high-security lock cylinder your key and lock set will be able to deter lock picking, bumping, and drilling.
  • It may look like an ordinary key, but a high-security key has three additional layers of protection against duplication:
    • Unique notches on the side that are too detailed to duplicate at any hardware store, kiosk, or another lock shop.
    • An internal pin that makes it difficult for any 3-D printer to copy.
    • Intricate angled cuts on the teeth of the key ensure that your keys cannot be forged.

What are the main benefits of high-security keys?

There are multiple ways that these keys decrease security threats on your property such as:

  1. Keys can’t be duplicated since it is a patented key blank.
  2. Only authorized signers can get new keys.
  3. We maintain records of all keys in your key system.
  4. These keys can be retrofitted into current hardware making the transition to high-security keys easy and less expensive.
  5. The keys and locks have undergone UL 437 and ANSI/BHMA  testing to confirm the ability to protect people and property.
  6. High-security keys can be used in large master key systems.
  7. Medeco ASSA ABLOY is a leader in high-security keys, and they only authorize select dealers to create high-security key systems. Assured Security is one of those few Medeco Security Centers in the Twin Cities.

Where can I get high-security keys?

At Assured Security we can help you limit security threats by adding a high-security key system to your property. When you have a high-security key system created with us, we will be the only locksmith that has the needed key blank and key records.

If you are ready to decrease security risks, have a unique key system, and feel assured that your property is protected call the high-security locksmiths at 952-881-0896 or email at Assured Security to find the best high-security key combination for you.