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Keyless Access for Your Business

Are you tired of worrying about commercial building security, large key rings, and staff access, for your business? Consider a business keyless access system. This cloud-based building access control system is managed from anywhere at any time.

Four Benefits of a Keyless Access System

  1. Many Traditional Key Alternatives

The days of large key rings are over with the multiple options for key types – fob, key card, and mobile credentials. Choose what works best for you and your business. Not only are there multiple access options, but the mobile app makes replacement keys for businesses outdated – ultimately increasing convenience for all users.

2. Remote Management

Some keyless access systems also offer a security system mobile device app to manage your system. As a business owner, you will be able to view events, lock and unlock doors, and manage user access from any place at any time.

3. Unlimited Security Control

With keyless access, you will have more control over which employees and vendors have secure building access for both external doors and internal common areas such as IT rooms, supply closets, break areas, etc. When your employees or crews need access to the building day or night, the keyless entry system makes it easy for them. This will create easy-to-track options for you to know who is in your business. If a threat happens to make it in the building, you will also be able to decrease incident response time by locking down the building until first responders come.

4. Save Money

No need to replace keys or fobs when they’re lost or stolen when you use the mobile app option. You have the added convenience of quickly changing credentials without needing to deliver a physical device.

A keyless access system allows you to keep the building secure while offering access to individuals even if you’re working off-site. This can give both you and your employees peace of mind – helping to cultivate a better work environment. Contact our team of experts to get a quote today.