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Managing Alarm Systems Has Never Been Easier

Securing your business and assets should be the last thing on your mind. Assured Security provides comprehensive commercial alarm systems and support that provide around-the-clock protection and zero worries making it easier managing your alarm system. Manage your alarm system remotely to ensure the system is armed and that only authorized personnel has access to your property. Our user-friendly alarm platform makes it easy to make informed decisions on the security of your commercial space.

Managing Alarms

Our premier, cloud-based software allows management of your alarm system directly from your mobile device. Auto-arm or disarm the system at scheduled times or from anywhere, at any time. Quickly view multiple alarm systems and know when business locations open late or close early. Do you have a warehouse and an office? We fully customize your alarm monitoring based on your exact security needs.

Managing Users

We make it easy to manage alarm system authorized users. Easily grant or remove employee access with unique user codes. By assigning each employee a unique code, you will know exactly who is accessing your premises and when. If you have multiple locations, you can simplify your system administration with templates for even more convenience. Notifications of unauthorized activity or access to restricted areas are delivered in real time right to your mobile device.

Manage Training

Assured Security provides hands-on training after the alarm system is installed. We work with you to provide custom alarm solutions and help you fully understand your system features. Our team of experts are available to handle any maintenance questions or concerns. We also provide helpful YouTube links for future reference and are always available for ongoing support.

Take control of your building security today by contacting the commercial alarm experts at Assured Security. We provide 100% custom security solutions for businesses throughout the Twin Cities metro. Give us a call at 952-881-0896 and learn more about what Assured Security can do for your business.