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Five Ways a Commercial Alarm System Can Protect Your Business

Keep your building, equipment, inventory, and employees secure with the convenience of a single platform to manage security. Assured Security provides a commercial alarm system and monitoring with business owners in mind. We understand the importance of protecting all aspects of your business using the latest alarm technology. Find out what sets our commercial alarm system apart and how you can secure your business with help from our professional team of experts.

Intrusion Detection

Our advanced intrusion detection protects against unwanted or forced entry. We use state of the art glass break and door position sensors to let you know when any unauthorized person enters your building.

Tilt/Vibration Detection

Valuable assets such as expensive equipment, safes, or cash registers are stolen at staggering rates. Use our tilt and vibration detection sensors to alert you of any unusual vibration or movement.

Robbery Alarm

An armed or unarmed intruder into your business can leave you feeling helpless. Install our secure robbery alarm to allow employees to press a panic button and send an alarm to authorities. These can be set to your specific business and customized to the unique needs of your company.

Monitor Employee Activities

Did you know that employee theft is responsible for more than one-third of business bankruptcies? Secure your building with alarm features designed to protect your business and employees. Monitor the time of day a door is armed or disarmed, identify who disarms a door,

monitor secure areas with motion sensors, and alarm private access areas and rooms.

Instant Notifications

Convenience is key when it comes to our alarm systems. With complete mobile control, you can receive a notification if someone forgets to set an alarm, view sensor status, manage users, and more – all from your smart mobile device.

Assured Security is your trusted commercial security and alarm company in the Twin Cities area. Protect your business, your assets, and your employees by reaching out to our alarm team today.