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Preparing for Winter with Commercial Door Maintenance

As temperatures begin to drop and winter right around the corner, scheduling your door maintenance is more important than ever. Your doors protect your guests and building from the elements, so it’s important to fix and repair any issues now to prevent costly problems from later arising. Here are a few of the common issues that arise among doorways that we suggest having inspected and repaired before winter.

Winter Door Maintenance

Door Closer Not Working Correctly

Door closers are a convenient addition to any door, allowing doors to self-close behind visitors. As time passes, like with most hardware, issues can arise. Some complications being…

  • The door closer is slamming the door too quickly, risking potential injury.
  • Your door is not closing fast enough, causing cold air to leak in and warm air to leak out.
  • The door closer is leaking fluid.
  • Your door closer is no longer working/self-closing.

Some possible solutions to these issues can be as minimal as adjusting the door closer, or, in some cases, replacing the closer.

Door Not Fitting Within Doorframe

Over time, your door and doorframe can begin to warp. This can make opening and closing the door challenging. Here are a few of the main challenges:

  • Water has seeped into the doorframe, causing it to rust.
  • Threshold is loose.

Colder weather and humidity can cause the door to shrink and warp even more, which is why it’s important to get the door, frame, or threshold replaced before frigid temperatures arrive.

Winter Door Maintenance

Weather Stripping Challenges

Weather stripping is important for keeping your building warm through the winter. Applying it to doorways helps seal air leaks by filling unwanted cracks and gaps. It’s time for weather stripping maintenance when…

  • Light can be seen through sides and bottom of the door.
  • Air is leaking out from the cracks of the weather stripping.

To ensure your building’s air remains inside this winter, we suggest reattaching your existing weather stripping or replacing the weather stripping all together.

Winter Door Maintenance

Door Latch Challenges

One frustrating problem that can occur to doors over time is that the…

  • Your door no longer latches when the door is closed.

When the door’s latch does not do its job, it is putting the safety of you and your facility at risk. To resolve this issue, we suggest adjusting or replacing the door hardware and/or the door closer.

Winter Door Maintenance

Door Hinge Challenges

If your door is hard to close or continuously springs open, your door hinges are likely to blame. Specifically, if you are noticing that your…

  • Door hinges are loose, and you can see between the knuckles.
  • The hinges not adhering to the door or doorframe properly.

You are likely in need of hinge replacement or adjustments. If there are too many holes in the door or doorframe to use traditional hinges, we suggest utilizing a continuous hinge.

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