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3 Ways to Save on Commercial Energy

Nearly 30% of energy used in commercial spaces is wasted. Although most may not realize it, there are many ways to save on energy throughout a commercial space. From unplugging unused equipment to utilizing automated door products, here are our top ways you can start saving money on your commercial energy bill today.

1. Unplug Unnecessary Equipment

Workplaces utilize many different types of equipment. Whether it be as small as a computer or as large as a commercial printer, energy consumption matters. One way to cut down on energy costs is to set office computers to sleep after an unused period of time. Another quick fix includes unplugging items such as printers or microwaves at the end of every workday, or at least every weekend.

2. Regulate Air Flow for Comfort

A popular office debate is that of office temperature. Nearly half of 1,012 full-time, surveyed American workers say their office is either too hot or too cold. Employees often over-compensate for their lack of comfort by using a desk heater, or opening windows to let air in. This air temperature irregularity can waste excessive energy that adds up on energy bills.

3. Go Automated

Automatic doors can help reduce the amount of energy wasted in commercial spaces. Most commercial doorways are not only frequented by incoming and outgoing customers, but employees with their hands filled with equipment or supplies. It can be easy to forget to close the door behind you when your hands are filled, which can cause warm and cold air to from escape from inside. Automated doors help reduce the chances of accidentally leaving the door open by automatically closing tightly after every use.

Start saving on your energy bills today with these top three tips. To save using automated, energy saving products and systems, our wide range of hands-free door products can appeal to every office space. Learn more about our automatic and low-touch door products and get in touch with one of our industry professionals to receive your free consultation.